Wednesday 10 on January

 Earth Science Department Room C first  floor


10,15-10,30 Welcome and Introduction


10,30-10,50  Solicited talk: H. Weiss “ ‘The Mind Shudders…’,  4.2 ka BP, and Holocene Megadrought Discovery”


Session: “Global and Spatial analyses” (Chairmen G. Zanchetta and H. Weiss)


10,50 – 11,05 D. Kaufman, H. Kolus, N. McKay, C. Routson: “Is 4.2ka the most prominent marker for subdividing the Holocene?”

 11,05 – 11,20 L. Ning, J. Liu, R. S. Bradley, M. Yan:  Comparing the spatial patterns of 4.2ka and 8.2ka climate events”


11,20-11,40 Coffee Break (Room E first floor or in the Garden)


11,40-11,55 M. Yan, J. Liu, L. Ning:“4.2ka BP climate event in a long-term climate modeling experiment using the CCSM3”


11,55-12,10 N. Graham, M. Salzer,  M.  Hughes, D. Verschuren: “Dust-Climate Interactions and the ‘4.2 ka event’”


12,10-12,25 M. Sigl, M. Severi, J. R. McConnell: “A role for volcanoes in causing the "4.2 ka BP event"?


12,30-14,30 Lunch break and poster session (Buffet offered by University of Pisa, Room E or in the Garden)


Session: “High Latitudes” (Chairmen Y. Cai and R. Bradley )


14,30-14,45 R. S. Bradley, J. Bakke “4.2ka B.P. and the onset of the Neoglacial: the view from the North Atlantic and Scandinavia


14,45-15,00 Á. Geirsdóttir, T. Thordarson, G. H. Miller: “Did the Hekla 4 eruption in Iceland have a role in the 4.2 ka event?


15,00-15,15 V. Gkinis: “Holocene signals from the Greenland ice cores”


15,15-15,30 D. A. Fisher: “Holocene Elevation Change and Lagged Time Responses are Important Determinants for Some Variables and Sites and have to be characterized before correlations are attempted



15,30-15,45 N. Maffezzoli: “Holocene sea ice record in the Greenland Sea from the Renland ice core


15,45-16,15 Coffee Break (Room E first floor or in the Garden)

16.15 -17.30 General discussion (including short poster presentation 3 min each)



Thursday 11 on January

Earth Science Department Room C first  floor


Session: “Mediterranean and West Asia” (Chairmen M. Bini and G. Zanchetta)


9,30-9,45(Solicited) G. Zanchetta, M. Bini, E. Regattieri, I. Isola:  The 4.2 event in the central Mediterranean”


9,45-10,00S. Affolter, A. Häuselmann, D. Fleitmann, M. Leuenberger: “Contribution to the 4.2 kyr event of a speleothem record from Switzerland”


10,00-10,15 A. Perșoiu: “(Did) Cold air outbreaks over East-Central Europe blocked westerlies and deprived central Asia of moisture at 4.2 ka BP (?)


10,15-10,30 R. Cartier, E. Brisset, F. Guiter, F. Sylvestre, C. Paillès, E. J. Anthony, C. Miramont: “The 4.2 ka event in the Mediterranean Alps: a reinforced Mediterranean-type climate regime that directly impacted the environment”  


10,30-10,45 A. Català, I. Cacho, J. Frigola, L. Pena, F. Lirer: “The 4.2 expression in SST and humidity records from the western Mediterranean Sea


10,45-11,00 Lirer F., Bonomo S., Cascella A., Vallefuoco M., Margaritelli G., Insinga D., Petrosino P.: “Constrain and evidences for Event 4.2 in the central - western Mediterranean marinerecords: a contribution of NEXTDATA project”


11,00-11,15  F. Di Rita, D. Magri:  “The 4.2 ka event in the vegetation record of the central Mediterranean


11,15-11,30 B. Jalali, M.-A. Sicre, J. Azuara, N. Combourieu-Nebout, M.-A. Bassetti, D. Genty: “Disparities of the Mediterranean climate during the mid- to Late Holocene rapid climate changes (MISTRAL/PALEOMEX)”


11,30- 11,40 Coffee Break (Room E first floor or in the Garden)


11,40-12,00 (Solicited) D. Kaniewski, N. Marriner, C. Morhange, E. Van Campo: “The 4.2 ka BP event in the Southern Levant


12,00-12.15 Drysdale R.N., Zanchetta G., Greig A., Isola I., Regattieri E.: “High-resolution trace element variability from an Italian flowstone through the 4.2 ka event


12,15-12,30 M. Finné, K. Holmgren, H.-M. Hu, C.-C. Shen, M. Boyd, C. Spötl: “Speleothem evidence for dry climate condition around 4200 yrs BP from the Peloponnese


12,30-12,45 J.R. Dean, M. D. Jones, M. J. Leng, S. E. Metcalfe, W. J. Eastwood, J. Woodbridge, S. L. Allcock, C. N. Roberts: “The 4.2 ka event in central Turkey, recorded in the sediments of Lake Nar


12,45-13,00 S. Carolin: “Abrupt climate events around 4.2ka BP: evidence from an Iranian speleothem record


13,00-14,30 Lunch break (Buffet offered by University of Pisa, Room E or in the Garden)


Session: “Indus and Egypt” (Chairmen H. Weiss and R. Bradley)


14,30-14,45 L. Marks, F. Welc:  “The 4.2 ka BP event in northeastern Africa based on record from the Faiyum Oasis in Egypt


14,45-15,00 F. Welc: “4.2 ka climatic event in north-eastern Africa in the light of new geoarcheological data from Egypt


15,00-15,15 C. Zielhofer, H. von Suchodoletz, W.J. Fletcher, B. Schneider, E. Dietze, M. Schlegel, K. Schepanski, B. Weninger, S. Mischke, A. Mikdad: “Millennial-scale fluctuations in Saharan dust supply across the decline of the African Humid Period


15,15-15,30 G. Kathayat, H. Cheng, A. Sinha, H. Y. Li, X. L. Li, D.Pengzhen, Y. F. Ning, R. L. Edwards: “Indian Summer Monsoon events around 4.2 ka as recorded by high-resolution cave records from NE India: Timing, structure, and implications


15,30-15,45 A. Sinha, G. Kathayat, H. Cheng: “The '4.2 ka BP Event' in the Indian Subcontinent? An Objective Synthesis of Proxy Records


15,45-16,00 A. Giesche, M. S. Staubwasser, C. Petrie, D.  Hodell: “Re-examining the 4.2 ka BP event in foraminifer a isotope records from the Indus River delta in the Arabian Sea


16,00- 16,30 Coffee Break (Room E first floor or in the Garden)


16,30-17,30 visit to Leaning Tower of Pisa and general photograph of

the workshop participants



17,30-18,30 General discussion



Friday 12 on January

Earth Science Department Room C first  floor


Session: “China and East Asian Monsoon” (Chairmen Y. Cai and H. Weiss)


9,00-9,20 (Solicited talk)  Y. Cai,   L. Tan,  Z. An:  “The 4.2 ka BP Event in East Asia: A synthesis of varied proxy records”


9,20-9,35 J. Xiao, S. Zhang, J. Fan, R. Wen: “The 4.2-ka event and its resulting cultural interruption in the Daihai Lake basin at the Asian summer monsoon margin


9,35-9,50 L. Tan, Y. Cai, C.-C. Shen, H. Cheng, R. L. Edwards, Z. An: “4.2 ka event in the Loess Plateau of China


9,50 -10,05 Y. Liu, H. Song, Q. Li:  “The 3476-year tree-ring δ18O chronology on the Tibetan Plateau


10,05-10,20 L. A. Scuderi, X. Yang, S. E. Ascoli, Hongwei Li:  “Evidence of the 4.2ka Event in Northeastern China: A Geospatial Perspective”


10,20-10,45 Coffee Break (Room E first floor or in the Garden)


Session: “Western Hemisphere” (Chairmen R. Bradley and G. Zanchetta)


10,45-11,00 V. A. Carter, J.J. Shinker: “Potential climatic mechanisms associated with the mega drought at 4200 cal yr BP in North America: linking proxy data with modern climate analogues”


11,00-11,15 R. B. Aronson, L. T. Toth: “The 4.2-ka event and reef development in the tropical Pacific


11,15-11,30 L. T. Toth, R.B. Aronson: “Climatic and oceanographic drivers of coral-reef collapse in the eastern Pacific at 4.2 ka


11,30-11,45 M.-G. Bustamante: “Holocene changes in monsoon precipitation in the northeastern Andean slopes of Peru


11,45-12,00 K. Schittek, L. C. Lupo, A. Maldonado, F. Schäbitz, B. Eitel:  “The 4.2 event in South America: multiproxy evidence for ecosystem changes as recorded in lake and peat records from the central Andes


12,00-13,30 Final discussion and proposal for special issue